Tariff options «Tojiron»
Single paymentsPrices in Somoni
Activation of new cell phone number1
Advanced payment for communication service4
Total amount of single payments195
Monthly paymentsPrices in Somoni
Monthly fee

191 / 190

Paid traffic

1 100 / 1 800


1 000 / 4 000

Voce and video callsMon - Fri
8:00 - 20:00
Other time
All incoming calls0
Outgoing video calls within network00
Outgoing voice calls within network0,050
Outgoing calls to NGN network of Babilon-T0,150,10
Outgoing calls to other mobile networks0,200,18
Outgoing calls in Tajikistan0,200,18
SMS and MMS messages
All incoming message0
Outgoing SMS/MMS within network0,120,10
Outgoing SMS/MMS to other mobile networks0,120,10
International SMS/MMS message0,500,50
Data transfer (3G-UMTS, GPRS, WAP) per 1 МБайт of total traffic0,400,40

If you wish to change the existing tariff plan, please click the following link: Changing of tariff plan

Service titles
Service titlesPrices in Somoni
Renewal of service agreement13,50
Shifting Tariff Option0,70
Replacement phone number34,00
Replacement of SIM card (at loss)3,50
Replacement of SIM card (when blocking)3,50
Call details on paper20
Call details in electronic form (Monthly fee)13
Call details/Periodical Detailing on mail (Subscription fee)13
SM$ - Money (transfer funds from mobile to mobile)0,07
Super Caller ID6,80
«Black» and «White» lists for incoming calls(Monthly Fee)4,00
«Black» and «White» lists for outgoing calls (Monthly Fee)3,50
Package - «Black» and «White» lists (Monthly fee)7
Call at friend’s expense (activation)3,50
The activation of service Mobiton (for 3 months)4,00
Temporary number (New number)3,50
Available Roaming0,50

Категории номеров
Название категории Стоимость
VIP + 15,000 TJS
VIP 10,000 TJS
Бриллиантовый + 6,000 TJS
Бриллиантовый 4,000 TJS
Платина + 3,000 TJS
Платина 2,000 TJS
Золото + 999 TJS
Золото 585 TJS
Серебрянный + 200 TJS
Серебрянный 100 TJS
Бронза + 55 TJS
Бронза 10 TJS
  • The number of "favorite numbers" - 5
  • Charging per minutes.
  • Non tariffing threshold not applied.
  • Deactivation threshold - 0,00 somoni
  • With zero balance available to incoming voice calls and SMS-messages for 90 days.
  • In case of unsuccessful charging of the subscription fee for the Tariff plan, the additional services paid with insufficient funds on the subscriber's account will not function.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.