Voice mail

The service "Dynamic Voice Mail" is a complex solution which will always allow you to stay in touch and not to miss an important call from relatives and friends.

The platform Dynamic voice mail includes 3 services:

  • «Voice Mail»
  • «Somebody called you»
  • «Subscriber in network»

Dynamic voice mail – service which allows the Ringing subscriber (to the Subscriber A)to record a voice message , which the Called subscriber (Subscriber B) can listen later. The recording of the message begins after a prompt no-charge information about the unavailability of Subscriber B (which lasts 5 seconds) and a short BEEP signal. When recording a voice message to a Subscriber A is charged according to your tariff plan as for an outgoing call on subscriber B.

Description of mail box:

  • Maximum quantity of voice messages: 10
  • Maximum duration of a voice message: 60 сек
  • Maximum storage period of a voice message: 10 дней

To listen to messages in the mailbox, the Subscriber of Babilon - M it is necessary to call to the number 2007.
Listening to voice messages on the number 2007 for subscribers will not be charged.
The subscriber can independently set readdressing on service number of service Dynamic Voice Mail +992918602007 through settings of phone or by using the USSD-commands for setting call forwarding.
In order to set the forwarding to the Dynamic Voice Mail number, it is necessary to dial on phone: ** (readdressing service code) * (+992918602007)#

Service codes for call forwarding:

  • 61 – call forwarding if no response;
  • 62 – call forwarding at impossibility of connection;
  • 67 – if the phone is busy.

In the 2007 IVR menu - the subscriber can listen to voice messages, delete previously left messages, go to the next branch or to the previous one. Somebody called you - it is service which allows the Subscriber to receive the Sms about missed calls, in cases when the Subscriber was busy, phone of the Subscriber was switched off or was out of a network area of coverage or if the Subscriber does not answer to a call.When the Subscriber has activated the Voice Mail service and Somebody called you, the Subscriber will receive SMS-notification on service Somebody called you if Ringing subscriber will not leave a voice message.

«Subscriber in network» is a service which allows to notify the Ringing Subscriber on appearance of the addressee on a network. If by a call phone of the Subscriber who was called was switched off or was out of a network area of coverage, then after appearance of the subscriber on a network, Ringing subscriber will receive the SMS notification message from number 2007 with information that the Subscriber (number) is on network.
For examole: «Subscriber №981021798 is in network».

Deactivation of service:
*2007# > "1. Voice Mail" > "1. Deactivation of service"

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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