Balance replenishment

Types of balance replenishment of subscribers "Babilon-Mobile":

  • Cash in Subscriber's Service Department and Representative offices VIA Prepaid-card

    On mobile phone dial #2002#PIN-code of prepaid card# and press call button
  • VIA SMS:
    send SMS with a card PIN code to number 2002
  • VIA SMAS (Service Management Automatic System):
    on mobile phone dial 2002, press call button, further number of the PIN code and *
  • VIA Internet:
    Follow the link:, execute an entrance and act according to the instruction
  • Via terminals on acceptance of payments on RT *
  • VIA service SMS money
  • VIA credit VISA cards of CJSC Kazkommercebank Tajikistan **

* There is a possibility of balance replenishment of subscribers "Babilon-Mobile" via terminals Interkoopbank in Russian Federation. You can download the list of addresses of terminals of bank here
** From a credit card it is necessary for balance replenishment:

  • A. To subscribe to service:
    To call Call Center of CJSC Kazkommercebank Tajikistan according to number (44) 620-40-40; After the answer of an answerphone it is necessary to enter the Identification number (ID number) and the first 4 figures of the password given at registration on the portal and to wait for the answer of operator;
    After the answer of the operator, it is necessary to tell the ID number, the code word, last 4 figures of number of a card and number/number of mobile phones Babilon-Mobile, to which you will transfer further funds and to wait for confirmation of the operator,that numbers/numbers are got.
  • B. To recharge subscriber of Babilon-Mobile:
    To go to the financial Homebank ( portal, to enter the ID number and the password To pass into the section "Services" and to choose Fee "Babilon M" To choose a phone number to which you want to transfer funds from the list, to enter an amount of transfer and to press the Further button To be convinced that the entered data are right and to press the Pay button The amount of transfer + the service commission will be charged off your account, and after a while on phone SMS notice of receipt of payment will transfer. It is possible to look at history of payments in the section "Services" => "Archive of payments" and, having pressed number of payment, to see details (Date, the Recipient, a transaction Code, Subscriber number, etc.)

The minimum amount of payment – 5 somoni.
When the sum of transfer 160 somoni and less, the commission makes 2,38 somoni at the rate of bank on the date of the transfer).
When the sum of transfer more than 160 somoni, the transfer commission will make 1,5% of an amount of transfer.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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