Service "MobiONLINE 70"

DO you want to use unlimited Internet for infinite communication in popular Messengers with your relatives and close people ? Activate "MobiOnline - 70" and get 70 MB / day at maximum speed.

Management of service:
  • Order for service activation: *125*70*1#
  • Order for service deactivation: *125*70*0#
  • Subscriber fee (per day): 2.50TJS
  • Verification of service status: *125#

The traffic at a high speed ended? Do you want to increase the speed to download the required files?
Activate packages «MobiTURBO» and get extra 50 MB and 100 MB:

#MobiTurbo 50MobiTurbo 100MobiTurbo 500MobiTurbo 1000
Amount of traffic 50 MB 100 MB500 MB1000 MB
Service cost 1,25 TJS 2 TJS9 TJS12 TJS
Order for activation *125*50# *125*100#*125*500#*125*1000#
  • At the end of 70 MB, the UNLIMITED Internet until the end of the current day at speed up to 64 Kbps/s is provided to you;
  • Service is provided on the basis of the subscriber fee for 1 day. Day is considered the time period from 00:00 to 23:59;
  • The rest of an unused traffic «MobiOnline - 70" and extra packages «MobiTurbo» - 50/100 MB-s the next day is not transferred;
  • Extra packages «MobiTurbo» can be activated only with the service «MobiOnline - 70";
  • The service is available for the tariff options «Suhbatoro», «Guftugu 1/2/3/4», «Kayhon 1/2/3/4/5», «М2М», "Dastras", "Foidanok", "Oddi", "Mahsus", "Faol", "Bobaror", "Tojiron", "Badakhshon", "Sugdiyon", "Bemalol 5", "Mufid" and "Javonon";
  • If you activate options «MobiOnline - 70» and «Mobi-GPRS» (the other packages are optional), the priority is the option «MobiOnline - 70";
  • Free resources are not available (Wikipedia, TwitterZero, FacebookZero, VKontakte, access to sites Babilon-M and Babilon-T), ie, in the presence of activated services, charging will occur from the package «MobiOnline - 70";
  • The service is available for subscribers in international roaming;
Prices are inclusive of excise duty (5%) and VAT (18%).
If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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