Checking of other subscriber's balance.
This service will allow the subscriber A to check balance of the subscriber B. Thus the subscriber of B enters the subscriber A in the list the entrusted numbers, thereby gives the consent to that other subscriber could see its balance.

  • Addition in the entrusted list
  • Add in the trusted list

To add numbers to the trusted list, subscriber B need dial order: * 2001*61*918XXXXXX#, on the Mobile Phone's screen we can see: Add 918xxxxxx in trust list successfully done.

Check of balance:

  • After the subscriber A is added to the trust list, it will be able to check balance of subscriber B by dialing * 2001*6 * 98XXXXXXX#.
  • In reply we receive the following text: Balance of subscriber 987500025: 1.09 Tariff option Osobyi 245 min 0 sek free, rest- 0 min 0 sek.
  • In current Tariff option: 79.07 Mb, rest 0.00 Mb. 30 free SMS. rest 0 . Packages: Mobi-SMS/MMS within network-340 , rest 311.;
  • Mobi-Minutes within network-347 min of 0 sek, rest 334 min of 27 sek;
  • Mobi-Minutes to all destinations - 4 min of 0 sek, ost. 3 min 38 sek;
  • MobiGPRS-340.00 Mb, rest 334.54 Mb.

Removal from trust list:

  • For removal of number from list of trust, it is necessary to dial: *2001*60*918XXXXXX#
  • on the Mobile phone screen we can see: Removal 98xxxxxxx from trust list successfully done.

Verification of the list of entrusted numbers: * 2001*62# Reply to the request: The list of trust numbers: 98xxxxxxx, 918xxxxxx, 98xxxxxxx

Replies to the requests:

  • A reply to the request at addition of the number: "Sorry, you can't add your number to the list of the entrusted numbers"
  • A balance reply to the request if you aren't in the list of trust: "You excuse you don't enter the list of authorized representatives"
  • In attempt to add the 6th number is issued the following message: "Sorry, number of the added numbers exceeded an admissible limit"
  • If number already exists in the list: "Number 918xxxxxx already is in your list of trust."
  • Quantity of numbers which the subscriber of B can add to the list of the entrusted - 5.
  • If the reply to the request doesn't exceed 140 symbols, information on balance goes as the answer to the USSD request. If inquiry exceeds the given limit, the answer will arrive in the form of SMS.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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