Select a package with the required number of minutes / SMS and megabytes and purchase of the chosen resources every month.

We are glad to inform you that "Babilon-Mobile" company offers you the opportunity to create your tariff plan with packages Mobikonstruktor! "You can choose a package with the necessary quantity of minutes, SMS and megabytes.And monthly receive your chosen resources.

Package Minutes to all destinations in Republic of Tajikistan SMS to all destinations in Republic of Tajikistan AMount of MB-s Monthly fee for Package Activation Deactivation Verification of service status To check the remainder
MobiKonstruktor 150501008,00*801*1#*801*0#*801*#*2001#
min. and SMS/MMS
MobiKonstruktor 210010020015,00*802*1#*802*0#*802*#
MobiKonstruktor 315015030023,00*803*1#*803*0#*803*#
  1. Mobi-Konstruktor's packages are provided automatically - monthly, upon termination of packages tariffing will be made according to a tariff plan.
  2. The monthly fee for Mobi-Konstruktor's Packages is charged automatically - monthly.
  3. If in the beginning of the month the balance is not enough for the monthly charge for the package, the Subscription Fee is not removed, and resources are not available.. Tariffing will happen thus from balance. The monthly fee will be removed also resources are provide after replenishment of balance to necessary level.
  4. Perhaps, to connect all types of Mobi-Konstruktor's packages at the same time. If there are enough means for charge by Monthly Fee only of one of packages, the Monthly Fee will be removed only for this package and resources only of this package will be provided. "Mobi-Konstruktor 3" has higher the priority than "Mobi-Konstruktor 2", "Mobi-Konstruktor 2" has higher priority than "Mobi-Konstruktor 1".
  5. Period of validity of packages 1 calendar month. Unused packages aren't postponed to the next month.
  6. At activation of a Mobi-Konstruktor package on a tariff plan with a monthly fee and with the paid resources - at sufficient balance for removal by the Monthly Fee for a tariff, first of all it will be made a plan for tariff, then for a package "Mobi-Konstruktor". If there aren't enough means on balance for removal of the Monthly Fee for a standard rate, but it is enough for removal of the Monthly Fee for a Mobi-Konstruktor's package - that the Monthly Fee only for a package will be removed and resources for a package are provided.
  7. Minutes and SMS can be used to all destinations in RT.
  8. Minutes in a package are rated constantly.
  9. Action of a package doesn't extend on paid service numbers "Babilon-Mobale" and short numbers content - providers.
  10. At change of a tariff the Mobi-Konstruktor's package remains.
  11. The monthly fee for a Mobi-Konstruktor package is removed completely, and resources are provided completely - regardless of the date of acquisition.
  12. The rest of minutes, SMS, Mb-s is summarized from the rest of minutes, SMS, Mb-s on a tariff plan.
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If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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