Checking the balance of the Internet "Babilon-T"

Checking the balance of the Internet "Babilon-T" via SMS!
Now the subscribers of "Babilon-Mobile" have opportunity to check the remaining balance of the Internet "Babilon-T" via SMS!

Description of Service 6060:
Checking account balance "Babilon-T" by SMS and USSD.
Promised payment to the account of the Internet.

Activation of service:
To activate the service you need from your phone send SMS * with the text: login (space) password to the number 6060

Deactivation of service:
To stop the service, you need to dial via USSD: *6060*00#

After receiving the confirmation, you can use the following services:
Check your balance online:
Through USSD:
*6060# - Call (not full info)
*6060*1# - call (complete information about the tariff option)

Via SMS:
by sending empty SMS to number 6060

Get Promised payment (new service)
If you have not been able to recharge your balance in time, and the balance were disconnected for non-payment, receive the promised payment, please dial using SMS: text «password * OPsumm» send to number 6060; or via USSD -order type (if you have the digital code): * 6060 * 01 * passw * OPsumm # where 'OPsumm'- amount requested promised payment.
The amount may not exceed the average payment for the last 6 months.

* SMS charged according Babilon Mobile's subscriber tariff option.
The service is only available to subscribers of "Babilon-Mobile".

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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