Real IP Address
The service "Real IP-address"

Currently, when a subscriber uses the GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / HSDPA to connect to the Internet is granted an unrealistic (gray) IP-address assigned to his phone or computer. Some applications and services on the Internet in the appointment of the IP- addresses can be limited to work or not work at all, because they require the existence of a real (public) IP-address.

"Real IP-address" is implemented in two ways:

  1. Dynamic "real IP-address": issued from a pool of real IP-addresses (
  2. Static "real IP-address": given a personal IP-address.
The real (public) IP-address.

IP-address (i-p address, a reduction from the English. Internet Protocol Address) - network address of the node in a computer network built over IP. It is necessary for communication over the Internet. IP-address is called dynamic if it is assigned automatically when the device is connected to the network and is used for a limited period of time, usually until the end of the session connection.

It called a static IP-address that is permanently assigned to a particular Sim-card number.

Service features:
  • Access to corporate email and information resources on the corporate network
  • Remote access to bank payment systems - remittance and account management
  • Merge into one computer network of friends and family to communicate, work, play, or data, as well as access to the resources (requires participants real dynamic IP-addresses)
Activation of the service "real IP-address":
  1. Dynamic IP-address:
    Activation: * # 2004 # 131#
    Deactivation: * # 2004 # 130#
    Checking the status of service: * 2004 * 13 * #
  2. Static IP-address: To connect to this service, you need to apply in writing to the Customer Department.
Cost of Services "Real IP Address":
  • Dynamic IP Address:
    Connection - 68,00 somoni (excise duty and VAT)
    Monthly Fee - 68,00 somoni (including excise tax and VAT)
    Traffic is payable on subscriber's tariff option.
  • Static IP-address:
    Connection - 135,00 somoni (excise duty and VAT)
    Monthly Fee - 135,00 somoni ( including excise tax and VAT)
  • To use the service "real IP-address" - in your phone should be configured functions GPRS
  • Dynamic real IP-address is assigned whenever you access the Internet using the "Mobile Internet" on the basis of a packet data (GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / HSDPA). This address is always new and unique only at the time of your session (or, if you exit the Internet and re-enter, then your mobile device will be assigned a new dynamic has a real IP-address).
  • The service "Dynamic IP-address" is not available in roaming, automatic settings for services not provided.
  • Level of a signal and speed of data transmission can differ from a land relief and a design of rooms, and also depends on technical parameters of Babilon-Mobile network at a particular point and a number of other factors that affect the quality of communication services.
  • When the service"Real IP-address" is activated MMS service is not available.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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