“MobiTone” Service allows Babilon-Mobile’s subscribers to choose and install melodies, which would be played to calling subscribers instead of  boring ring back beeps. Your friends and relatives would hear these melodies while calling to you.
You can choose a melody or music disc, and also its playback options to your mind,

For example:

  • Set up the chosen melody or music disc for all, who calls to you;
  • Set up the certain melody or music disc for certain phone number, or for chosen phone numbers group;
  • Set up different melodies or music discs for different daytime and/or calendar period.


To set up a melody instead of beep through SMS, you need:

1. To enable “MobiTone” service, sending SMS message with “reg” to number 2202
2. To order and set up default melody to your personal library, sending SMS message to number 2202 with: ad melody code or dial a short USSD command *2202*melody code#

SMS messages to number 2202 are charged as generic SMS messages according to applicable tariff plan.
Enabling “MobiTone” service you get a default melody as a present

1. The melody would not be played if the line is busy, or when the call waiting mode is on, subscriber is unavailable, or subscriber’s phone is switched off.
2. The melody would not be played if you set up full call forwarding to another phone number.
3. If you do not download a melody during 3 months, the service automatically disables.

How to enable “MobiTone” service, using “Express download” function

1. Enable “MobiTone” service through USSD: #2004*21#
2. Wait for SMS notification about service enabling (about 30 min)
3. From catalogue choose melodies (on web: www.mobitone.tj or wap: wap.mobitone.tj) you want to install instead of beep.
4. Call to number 2202 melody code and follow the instructions given by voice messages (listen to melody, download melody and install melody)

Calls to numbers 2202 and 2202 are chargeable. One minute of call costs 0.0567 somoni.

Facilities of service «MobiTONE»

  • Management is available via web: www.mobitone.tj, wap: wap.mobitone.tj, calling to IVR (voice menu) to short number 2202, by USSD or sending SMS commands to short number 2202.
  • You can create your personal library, in which you can save up to 15 melodies or music discs.
  • Setting of melodies for time period, week days, subscriber number, and subscriber groups.
  • Setting of melody random playback
  • Preliminary listening of melodies using IVR or web page
  • Downloading and setting your melody*, having a duration not more than 45 seconds (through web: www.mobitone.tj or calling to number 2202)
    * Your melody format - *.wav, 64 kb/s, 8 bit, 8 kHz, mono

«MobiTone» express coping

“Express coping” service is one of “MobiTone” services, which allows subscriber A, calling to subscriber B, during melody playback to press * for coping the melody to his personal library.

After you sent the request for coping melody, you would get SMS message with information about melody and its cost. To download and install the chosen melody, you should send SMS with text: da melody code to number 2202.

If you have no “MobiTone” service enabled, when you Express coping it automatically enables.
Your melody and default melodies may not copied!

«Music disc» service

“Music disc” allows you to download and install a package of melodies of certain genre or favorite performer at good price.

Music disc management

1. Via IVR:
Call to number 2202 and follow the instructions given by voice menu.
2. via web portal www.mobitone.tj – all melodies section
3. via SMS – browse a table.

Disc cost is subject to applicable rates of  Content provider

«MobiTone» service cost

  The price
Single payments  
Service activation 4 somoni
Monthly payments  
Melody cost: It is specified by Content provider
Your melody set up cost 0

Service enabling/disabling

  • Via USSD:

Service enabling - #2004#21#
Service disabling - #2004#20#
Service status verification - #2004#2*#

  • Via SMS:
    Service enabling – In SMS message type <reg> and send to number 2202
    Service disabling - In SMS message type <unreg> and send to number 2202
  • Via IVR:
    Call to number 2202 and follow the instructions given by voice menu.
  • Via ISSM:
    1.Visit link http://ecare.babilon-m.tj/nser/login/init/
    2.Enter number, password and press «Enter the system» button
    3.Choose “Change service list” menu item
    4.Find “MobiTone” in service list
    5.Press «+» on the left of service

“MobiTone” service management through SMS

- All messages should be  sent to number 2202
- SMS messages to number 2202 are charged as usual SMS messages according to your selected tariff plan

In SMS text type:
“MobiTone” service enabling
“MobiTone” service disabling

Service pause

Service activation (after pause)

Favorite melody ordering + default setting with earlier ordered melodies

admelody code[space] melody code1 [space] melody code2 …
ad0025010010 0001010017 …
Ordered melody installation
stmelody code



Melody name search

qn melody name
qn sadbarg
Melody performer/singer search
qi performer name
qi shabnam

Melody code search

qcmelody code
Browsing of last downloaded melodies

Browsing of recommended melodies


Browsing of melodies in your personal library

Browsing of one’s melodies
qusubscriber number
quномер абонента
Browsing of melody settings for certain number

Browsing of melody settings for default melody


Melody as a gift*

prmelody code [space] phone number
pr0025010010 918xxxxxx
Personal melody deleting
delmelody code
h or b
h или b
Melody reorder
rtmelody code
Melody installation for the certain number
ssmelodycode[space] phone number
ss0025010010 918xxxxxx
Music disc download and installation

Music disc reorder


Default music disc installation

Music disc settings deleting
To get password for access to WEB/WAP page of “MobiTone” service

To add a group **

aggroup number [space] group name
ag2 druzya
To delete group
dggroup number or group name
dg2 или dgdruzya
To add a new subscriber to group
agmbgroup number or group name [space] phone number of group member
agmb2 918xxxxxx или agmbdruzya 918xxxxxx
To delete a group member
dlgmbgroup number or group name [space] phone number of group member
dlgmb2 918xxxxxx или dlgmbdruzya 918xxxxxx
Browsing of groups
Browsing of  certain group members
qgmbgroup number or group name
qgmb2 или qgmbdruzya
Setting of melody for group of subscribers
stgtmelody code [space] group number or group name
stgt0025010010 2

*Melody can be presented solely to the subscriber having “MobiTone” service enabled
**Every group must have the unique number

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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