Temporary number

Do you want to change your phone number temporarily not losing the old contacts? Now you can do it lossless!
Using “Temporary number” service of  Babilon-Mobile  you would:

    • not lose important contacts
    • avoid undesirable calls to your “temporary number”*
    • always be in touch with your relatives and friends

All subscribers calling to your previous number would hear answering machine, informing that their call attempt would be reported to called subscriber. And you would get SMS notification about the call to your “temporary number”:

 “Temporary number”-You were called: to <old number> by subscriber <calling phone number>. » And you would decide yourself to let know that subscriber about your new number or not.

“Temporary number” service enabling:

    • To enable “Temporary number” service you need to send USSD command from your new phone number *2015*1# or free of charge SMS with text: “ON” to number 2015.
    • Then you should enter your old number to the list of old numbers by USSD command *2015* old number # or send free of charge SMS with <old number> to number 2015, where <old number> is your previous phone number.
    • Then you should set up call forwarding function from “old” SIM card. To do it,  enter Phone Menu – Call forwarding – All voice calls – To number +992918602015 (“Babilon-Mobile’a subscribers can set the call forwarding function, dialing USSD command **21*+992918602015 and pressing call button)
    SMS and USSD commands list for “Temporary number” service:
    USSD command
    SMS request to 2015

    Old numbers list browsing

    *2015# Empty SMS to 2015
    Service disabling (if service disabled, the old numbers must be deleted) *2015*0# OFF

    Service enabling and resumption (if service is provided for 3 months period since its initial activation )

    *2015*1# ON

    Old number list cleaning (at performing of this command the  old number list is cleaned but service is not disabled)


    *2015*5# DEL
    To delete an old number from old number list *2015*5*<old number># DEL <old number>
    To add old number *2015*<old number ># <old number>

    - No any monthly fee.
    - Service activating for 3 months period – 3,50 somoni VAT included. The service is disabled automatically after 3 months period. To resume the service activation, you should enable it again. In such case, the SIM card would not be deactivated and would function according to selected tariff plan.


    1. “Temporary number” can be a number serviced according to one of Babilon-Mobile’s tariff plans (excluding “MobiNET”, “3GMobiNET-1000”, “3GMobiNET-3000”, “3GMobiNET-10000”). After auto - disabling of service, the “temporary number” remains activated for your account according to Subscriber’s contract.
    2. Maximum quantity of added “old numbers”  is 5.
    3. Adding “old numbers” you should enter the complete number including network code (918xxxxxx, 98xxxxxxx)
    4. “Old number” can be any number serviced by any  fixed line telephone network or mobile communications operator of Tajikistan, supporting Call forwarding service.
    5. You can not receive call notifications about calls to previous phone number if your “old” SIM card has negative or zero balance. Besides, the service does not work in case if the “old” SIM card is blocked up due to loss reasons or according to user’s request.
    6. In case of  “temporary number” changing,  you should  enable the service repeatedly.

    If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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