“Black” and “White” lists for incoming + outgoing calls


This service is a package of two previous services, including “Black” and “White” lists for incoming as well as for outgoing calls.
In both cases incoming and outgoing calls depend on set priorities.

Service opportunities

  • Service functioning time schedule (by daytime, week days, period of time)
  • Choice of call processing rules
  • Declined calls notification support by SMS
VAT included
VAT excluded
Service activation
User charge* (Monthly fee)
Costs are specified in standard units, 1 s.u. equals to 1 USD
Payment is performed in somoni at the rate of National Bank of Tajikistan on the date of payment.
* Monthly fee is drawn out form your balance in service activation day and also every first day of calendar month.


  • by USSD:

Service enabling - *2004#81#
Service disabling - *2004#80#
Service status verification - *2004#8*#

  • by ISSM:

1. Visit the link https://ecare.babilon-m.tj
2. Enter phone number, password and press «Enter the system» button
3. Choose menu item «Service list change»
4. Find in service list IN Call Guard
5. Press «+» on the left of service name.

  • Via Customer Service Department
- The Babilon-Mobile’s subscriber phone numbers which you want to decline, can be entered in six-digit format (616161) as well as in full format (918 XXXXXX), but phone numbers of other cellular operators should be entered including the network code. Phone numbers of urban telephone network must be entered in seven-digit format (XXX XX XX), international and long distance network phone numbers must be entered in full format:
(country code) + (city prefix) + (phone number) – if it is the phone number of urban telephone network (country code) + (cellular operator network code) + (phone number) – if it is the cell phone number.
- The service is not available while you’re in Roaming.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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