Promised payment

«Promised payment» - the service allowing to take independently credit from company for use of communication services.

Period of validity of Promised payment
Credit term 2 days + the remained hours of the present day, for example, if the credit has been obtained at 22:00, period of validity of the credit will be 2 days and 2 hours.
For repayment of the credit it is enough to recharge balance to the positive sum.

USSD - orders:

  • Information about maximum sum and check of "Promised payment": *2008#
  • Receiving credit: *2008*sum_of_credit#

SMS - Orders
Receiving credit VIA SMS by the text: «Credit sum» to number 2008:
  • Also the credit can be obtained VIA Babilon-menu or via website:
  • Babilon-menu works at subscribers connected since October, 2007.
  • The minimum amount of «Promised Payment» is equal to 0,01 somoni.
  • The maximum amount of «Promised Payment» is equal to 150 somoni.

The amount of «Promised Payment» is equal to 20% of average monthly expenses of subscriber for communication services for the last 3 months (90 days).
For example: If subscriber for the 1st month has spent for communication -20 somoni, for the 2nd month - 30 somoni, for the 3rd month- 40 somoni, then average payment for the last 3 months is equal to 30 somoni = (20 som + 30 som + 40 som) / 3 months. For easy check of the sum of the provided " Promised Payment" it is necessary to dial *2008#.

  • The SMS request doesn't work in case phone has a debt and is switched-off.
In this case, it is necessary to send USSD order.
  • If after validity period "The promised payment" hasn't been extinguished, then phone is switched-off.
  • It is enough to extinguish debt to positive balance, and services becomes available.

In what cases it is impossible to receive Promised payment:

  1. If the debt for the previous credit hasn't been extinguished or the balance hasn't reached positive level after repayment.
  2. At insufficient or negative balance it is impossible to obtain the credit VIA SMS (only USSD, Babilon-Menu and ISMS).
  3. It is impossible to receive «Promised Payment» first 120 (Restriction) of days of use of a sim card.
    For example: if the subscriber was connected to network 150 days ago, then his " Promised Payment" will pay only for the last 30 days.

  1. If the balance of subscriber with promised payment allows the subscriber to pay for free resources, the monthly monthly fee is removed, and free resources (minute/Mb) are provided to subscriber.
  2. If the balance of subscriber with monthly fee allows the subscriber to pay for the periodic VAS services , the monthly fee is removed, and the VAS services are provided. (EXTRA Services)
  3. After expiration of promised payment if subscriber hasn't recharges balance, and its balance is negative, his free resources of tariff option stop. Also are blocked Mobipackages. The subscriber won't be able to make outgoing calls, to send SMS/MMS, to use GPRS. Only free calls to emergency numbers and to Call-center will be available to subscriber. Also incoming calls and SMS will be available to subscriber.
  4. Having extinguished debt to the positive sum, the subscriber can repeatedly take credit.
  5. At positive balance, it is possible to take promised payment repeatedly, for any sum to the maximum sum. As soon as your balance goes to minus, you can take promised payment only 1 time. At repeated inquiry is given:You haven't recharge provided credit, please extinguish.
  6. The maximum sum of Promised payment after transition to somoni, to physical persons will equal to 150 somoni.
  7. The above rules will be applied to both physical and legal persons.
  8. At promised payment it is possible to use all paid company's services, except the service "SMS money".
  9. In the absence of charges for communication services, subscriber will be able to send request for receiving promised payment, his request will be processed, but the sum will be specified as 0.00 som.
  10. The promised payment it isn't possible to activate/deactivate services!
  11. If subscriber does not use Sim card for a few months, without having recharged balance, then he won't be able to receive promised payment ,i.e. the subscriber for receiving promised payment it is necessary to have paid charges from balance.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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