The promotion is in honor of the month of Ramazan

Dear compatriots!
With the coming of the holy month of Ramadan! "Babilon-mobile" company in honor of the month of Ramadan, offers promotion:

The service "Belimiti shabonaruz"

The promotion "Belimiti shabonaruz"from 27 MAY until 2 July 2017 (inclusive)

The maximum speed from 07:00 until 20:59256 Kbps
The maximum speed from 21:00 until 06:591 Mbps
The Price for activation20 TJS
Period of validity7 days
Verification of the status of service*125#
Service management:
The service/th>For activationFor deactivationVerification of the status of service
Belimiti shabonaruz*125*7*1#*125*7*0#*125#


  1. Service works in network 2G/3G/4G on all territory of the Republic of Tajikistan.
  2. The service "MobiOnline 70" is incompatible with the service "Belimiti Shabonaruz". Simultaneous connection is impossible.
  3. At simultaneous connection of the options "Belimiti Shabonaruz" and "Mobi-GPRS" (other option packages), the option "Belimiti Shabonaruz" is priority;
  4. The activation of the service "Belimiti Shabonaruz" is possible several times in day.
  5. It is necessary to activate service each 7 days by dialing the activation command.
  6. Check of a subscription to the service "Belimiti Shabonaruz" is available on the website
  7. The service is available on all tariff plans except corporate tariffs.
  8. Activation of the service is carried out only at the time when receiving the SMS - message about the activation "Belimiti Shabonaruz".


The promotion "MobiTurbo 1GB" from May 27 untill June 30, 2017.
EXTRA package "MobiTurbo 1GB" when you activate the service "MobiOnline 70".

MobiTurbo 1GB
The amount of traffic per day1024 MB
The maximum speedwithout limits
Price for activation11 TJS
To check the remainder*125#
The activation of MobiTURBO 1GB:*125*1000#

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