Entertaining service "Intellectual Quiz"

Dear subscribers!
The new entertaining service "Intellectual Quiz" is launched.
This service will allow you to develop your knowledge , in quiz will be provided SMS / contents / questions on the subject: "Mathematics", "Chemistry" and "Physics".

For a subscription you should dial USSD order: *4014*#.
The price of subscription: 0.80 somoni per day including all taxes.

After subscription the subscriber will daily receive 1 SMS/content with a question.

For example::
....бузургии физикиест, ки чи кадар кор карда тавонистани чисмро нишон медихад?
1. Энергия
2. Тавонои

At each correct answer you get 1 point and extra questions, that is in day it will be possible to answer to 3 questions.


  • Subscription - *4014# and #4014#
  • To get extra questions - *4014#
  • Unsubscription of service - *4014*00#

The duration of the first stage:From 17.12.16 until 31.01.2017.

The prizes: 1500 TJS will be received by the subscriber who will gather the highest number of points.

Service will be provided only in Tajik language.

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