Quiz "Savolboron"

Dear subscribers!
23.12.16 23.12.16 individual Entrepreneur" has launched a new intellectual-entertaining service "Savolboron". This service will allow subscribers to develop their knowledge, that is, in a quiz SMS/contents/questions on the general subject will be represented.

To subscribe, subscribers can dial * 5050 # USSD-command, the screen shows:
Ба "Саволборон" хуш омадед. Арзиш: 1 TJS/руз. 1. Обуна.

After subscription the subscriber will get daily 1 SMS/content with question.
For example:
Китобхонаи милли Точикистон соли чанд таъсис ёфтааст?

  1. 1993
  2. 1933
  3. 2007

At the correct answer the subscriber gets 100 points.In day it will be possible to answer 1 question.
The price of subscription is 1 TJS/ day including all taxes.
In order to increase your ranking, the subscriber may respond to the additional 4 questions by sending a number of 100 with the cost 1 TJS for each question.


  • Subscription: *5050# and #5050#
  • To get extra questions: send SMS with 100 to the number 5050
  • Unsubscribe from the service: *5050*00#

The cost of each extra question-1 TJS including all taxes.
The duration of the first stage: from 23.12.16., until 25.03.2017 (inclusive).
Prizes of the first stage: IPhone7 and Samsung7 and 5 most active subscribers will receive 300 TJS.
Service will be provided only in Tajik language.

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