Content service "Латифахои точики"

Dear subscribers!
From 10.12.16,Individual Entrepreneur "Султонов Х" has launched a new IVR-service "Latifahoi Tojiki". This service will allow subscribers to listen jokes in Tajik performed by the Tajik humorists such as: Mukimjon Abdufattoyev, Garibsho Kompaniya, Lakhzakhoi Guvoro, etc. Several other branches will also be posted jokes in Russian by Russian humorists.

To use the service the subscriber should to call on short number 0888-IVR.

  1. The cost of call to 0888 IVR - 0 TJS
  2. Charging 0.50 TJS, daily fee 0,50 TJS
  3. USSD-order for deactivation - *0888*02#

The cost of service 0,50TJS/ daily including all taxes.

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