The lottery "Gold Key"

Dear subscribers!
"Babilon-Mobile" company jointly with Ravokomtour company launched a lottery "Gold key".

The Lottery "Gold key" which is divided into several stages, each lasting 2-3 (two or three) calendar month.

As lottery prizes are nominated:

  • 1 - room apartment in Dushanbe;
  • 1 - room apartment in Khujand;
  • Journey for two persons to Dubai;
  • Plasma TV;
  • Refrigerator;
  • Washing machine;
  • IPad;
  • Smartphone Samsung;
  • Smartphone IPhone.

Для того, чтобы стать участником лотереи, абоненту необходимо воспользоваться:

  1. 2222 - IVR: (the first 10 seconds are not charged) – the cost of 1 minute -2 somoni including VAT and excise tax! During listening of PROMT, subscriber will receive SMS with ordinal numbers from short number 2222.
  2. 2222 – SMS: The subscriber can send any text sms to short number 2222. In reply will receive SMS with ordinal number. The price of 1 SMS is 2 somoni including VAT and excise tax!

If the Participant wishes to get all IDs numbers at once, in cases when he accidental lost access to this information, deleted SMS messages with an ID numbers, or in cases if memory of phone is full, and the mobile device of the Subscriber, can't accept more than the entering SMS, and also other cases, the Subscriber can send "USSD" request * 4040#, to thereby receive unique "url" - the link which will have information with all IDs numbers which were selected under number with which "USSD" – a request was sent.

The link will have the following information:
You are Participant of lottery: «Gold Key». Your phone number: +992 (code of operator) subscriber's _nomer. Your ID numbers: (the list of all ID which were appropriated to this subscriber)

The draw of prizes will be held after the termination of lottery. Determination ID-number of the winner of prizes will be carried out by means of accidental drop-out of full-spheres with numbers "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0" from the special lottery drum. ID-number will be defined since the end. All ID-customer addresses, become participants of lottery will participate in a draw of prizes.

Subscribers can without restriction, ring, send SMS to short number 2222, receive more ID-codes. More codes- more chances to win a prize!

To obtain more detailed information about lottery"Gold key", the subscriber can also call to short number 4040 (The cost of 1 minute call - 0,20 somoni taking including VAT and excise tax).

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