SMS service "Знатоки русского языка"

СP "Langar 2013" launched a new entertainment and intellectual service / quiz "Znatoki russkogo yazika".

This service allows you to develop your knowledge of Russian grammar The quiz will be represented step by step SMS / contents / questions and several versions of the answer.

How the service works:
To subscribe the user should to dial USSD-order: *0944#, further select 1 - confirm subscription to the daily service, in response the subscriber receive that was subscribed on service " Знатоки русского языка."", the cost of service and how to deactivate it.

After subscription the user will receive daily 1 SMS1/content with a question.

For example:
Где пишется "о"?
1. Дремуч...го
2. Рыж...го
3. Чуж...го
4. Бледнолиц...го

You should select the correct answer (the correct answer 3 Чужого). If the correct answer is selected- the user gets 100 points and additional questions. In day it will be possible to answer to the 5 questions.

The cost of a subscription: 1 somoni per day including all taxes.


  1. To subscribe to the service - *0944#
  2. Unsubscribe from the service - *0944*0#
Prizes: Every two months the participants with the most points will be awarded prizes (prizes and quantity of prize-winning places can change in each stages.)

In the first stage the first 3 winners with the greatest number of points everyone will receive - 1000 somoni.

The duration of the first stage: from 04.08.2016 until 02.10.16. (60 days).

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