SMS service "Sarzamini man"

Dear subscribers!
In honor of the 25th Anniversary of Independence Day of Republic of Tajikistan launched a new entertainment-smart SMS service "Sarzamini man".

To become the participant of Quiz "Sarzamini Man", it is necessary to dial USSD order: *5545# further number 1 - confirm the daily subscription to the service then subscriber will receive message that the subscription to the service Sarzamini Man, cost of service and deactivation USSD order.

After subscription every day subscriber will receive 1 SMS/content with a question.

For example:
Тоҷикистон бо кадом давлатҳо ҳамсарҳад аст:
1. Гурҷистон
2. Қирғизистон

It is necessary to select the correct answer (the correct answer 2.Kirgiziston). In case of the correct answer 100 points is accrued ,it will be possible to answer to the 4 questions.

The cost of subscription is 1 TJS per day taking into account all taxes.

To increase the points, it will be possible to answer in day additional 5 questions with cost 1 TJS for each sent SMS.

To receive additional questions, it is necessary to send the word "START" to short number 5545 (SMS).

Prizes: Quarterly 2 participants with the greatest number of points will receive as the prize IPhone 6.

At the end of each quarter, among the most active subscribers and correctly answer all the questions will be raffled the main prize Car TOYOTA AUTO . That is, additional questions will be sent and the First prize will be won by the one who will answer Quickly and Correctly all questions without delay.

Service cost: 1 TJS/day taking into account all taxes.
5 SMS/questions per day are additional: 1TJS for every sent SMS.

*5545#- subscribe to the service;
*5545*00#- to unsubscribe from the service;
The word "START" - to receive extra questions (the SMS to short number 5545);
1000- to learn about points.

The duration of the first stage: from 18.07.2016 until 15.10.2016.

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