New service "MobiZERO-Tajikistan"

Dear subscribers!

Since May 7 the new service "MobiZERO-Tajikistan" is launched . Now,to subscribers of Babilon-Mobile company will be able to enjoy unlimited communication with close people, regardless of location! Speak within network, without thinking of duration of minutes!

Orders for management of service "MobiZero-Tajikistan":

  • *170*31# - activation;
  • *170*30# - deactivation;
  • *170*3*# - verification status of service;

Monthly subscriber fee for service "MobiZero-Tajikistan":
15 somoni taking into account an excise and the VAT.

  1. Service is available to all tariff options (except a grid of TO "MobiNET").
  2. The subscriber fee is charged every month in day of activation of service. For example: if service is activated 5.10.2016, then Monthly Fee will monthly act every 10th of calendar month;
  3. In case of insufficient balance for Monthly Fee's removal, calls will be rated according to TO.
  4. The service "MobiZero-Tajikistan" does not work in Roaming.

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