About company

«Babilon-Mobile» – is the largest operator of mobile communications services of Tajikistan. The Company provides the widest range of up to date services in standards GSM 900/1800, 3G-UMTS/3,5 HSDPA/4G-LTE. The commercial launching was implemented on January 1st, 2003. On July 1st, 2005 for the first time in a history of telecommunication market development of Central-Asian region and CIS countries, it was commercially launched the Network of new standard 3G-UMTS. The successful launching of 3G Network allowed to Company to expand the number of rendered services. In addition to video calls and 3.6Mb/ps Internet, the customers may enjoy such services like: SMS, MMS, Voice-mail, Call register, WAP, GPRS, Prepaid card, Call Center, SM$-Money, ICQ-SMS, Roaming, Content-services, games and etc.

CJSC «Babilon-Mobile» for the 13 years has been upgrading its radio subsystem of the Network GSM/UMTS/HSDPA basing on solutions developed by Huawei Technologies. The up to date solution EnerG GSM by Huawei allowed to Babilon-Mobile to increase the performance level of Network radio – access and to expand the service opportunities of the GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSDPA Networks and the existing radio-access Network. Due to this, the Babilon-Mobile’s customers may enjoy the most up to date services, including GSM, CRBT/unique call ring back tone/, data communication services GPRS/HSDPA, SMS/MMS, video – telephony and etc. Besides, the Huawei solution will speed up the transfer from mobile Network to ALL-IP.

The upgrade of Babilon-Mobile’s Network allowed to customers to use the high-speed mobile Internet access service. Due to new technology HSDPA, the speed of Internet access in 7.2-HSDPA Network is up to 7,2/Mb/ps. Besides, HSDPA sufficiently improves the quality of rendered services like video-telephony, mobile TV and certainly the Internet access with a speed of 7,2 Mb/ps which is record speed for Tajikistan users.

Currently, the Network of Company covers more than 300 cities and provinces of Republic of Tajikistan. Babilon-Mobile has created the max favorable conditions enabling the usage of widest range of high quality GSM communication services by Company’s customers. Implementing the up to date technologies, the professional team strives to provide the customers the highest quality of the widest range of services.